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Statement on Racial Equity

The brutal death of George Floyd in late May has brought to the forefront a greater awakening of the racial injustices that loom large over us. Systematic and institutionalized racism is our country’s greatest chronic illness that has led to a profound criminal and economic injustice and inequity. In Lake County, one out of every four African Americans lives in poverty – significantly more than other communities. African American residents make up less than 10% of the county population but represent a far larger percentage of those arrested and jailed. The Lake County board must act to address these long-standing inequities. This requires rebuilding and restoring confidence in our criminal justice system. It requires supporting economic growth and small businesses. And it requires prioritizing the quality of life of these residents by addressing excessive pollution, lack of green spaces, school funding, and affordable housing. And lastly, we have to address all bias in hiring and career advancement. Prioritizing the compounded impact of these racial injustices will be at the center of policy and budgeting issues that I address as your next Lake County Board member.

If you have any questions or would like to voice your concerns, please reach out to me.

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